The Centre for Technology Management (CTM) engages in research, teaching and practical application of new ideas based on an integrated understanding of science, engineering and business management. By working with organisations at all stages of technological development, we aim to provide comprehensive support from early stage exploration, through multi-business unit technology strategy to end-of-life issues. Based within the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), at the University of Cambridge's Engineering Department (CUED), we are part of a multi-disciplinary research organisation covering a range of issues from technology through management to policy.

CTM has an international reputation in the field of technology and innovation management, notable in particular for the strong industrial relevance of its research. Our research portfolio spans the spectrum of frameworks, models, processes, tools, techniques and practices for identifying, selecting, acquiring, exploiting and protecting technology for business benefit.

Problem-based learning is a key feature of CTM's executive education courses, where group-based activities and discussion provide an opportunity to put learning into practice. Course modules draw on extensive research, teaching and practical experience gained by the CTM over more than 15 years of collaboration with industry in many sectors. Course tutors have both broad and deep knowledge of the material gained through active research and tool development, combined with experiences from industrial application and deployment through consulting.


Strategic technology and innovation management

Offering: intensive in-company training.

The training:

  • Provides delegates with the knowledge and confidence to apply the concepts and methods within their own business areas.

  • Is interactive and based on the delivery ethos of a balanced combination of presentations, group activities and discussions.

  • Can be configured to suit organisational needs, with the practical activities customised to address company-specific issues.


Strategic roadmapping

Offering: 1- and 2-day public training courses.

Participants will learn:

  • How roadmapping can align technology and commercial perspectives.

  • Approaches for implementing roadmapping at the innovation, business and sector levels.

  • Efficient multifunctional workshop methods for implementing roadmapping.

  • The application of roadmapping as a platform for management toolkits.

  • How to apply visual design principles to support the communication of strategy.


Visual approaches

Offering: 1-day open seminar, 1- and 2-day in-company training options.

Participants will:

  • Explore and apply the fundamental principles of visual design for presenting management information.

  • Learn how to structure visual templates to support strategic dialogue.

  • Receive practical advice on designing management visuals to ensure clear communication.


Technology intelligence

Offering: 1-day open seminar.

Learn how to:

  • Find out about new technologies promptly.

  • Identify potential threats and opportunities for your business.

  • Pinpoint the information you need to support decision-making.


Evaluating and selecting technology-based projects

Offering: 1-day open seminar.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Choose the appropriate evaluation approach for your projects.

  • Make open and rational choices between projects.

  • Align portfolio evaluation with technology strategy and planning.