Portfolio perspectives are fundamental for managers. Generally, the execution of portfolio visualisations is relatively poor and lacks a robust approach to presentational style and information content. Taking a pragmatic stance that attempts to balance data provision with the needs of users for comprehension and insight, this area of work is designing and developing visual representations for depicting different types and aspects of portfolios (including pipeline and platform perspectives). The underlying research question is: how should portfolios be appropriately depicted?


Business unit funding profiles:


Platform planning:


Organisational capability visioning:


Science and technology pipeline mapping:


R&D budgeting:

R&D budgeting

Programme 'pain points':


Project scoring:


Project selection:


'Agile' product release planning:


'Digital Factory' load planning:


FTE resourcing dashboard:

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There are a series of ongoing industrial engagements conducted through the Strategic Technology & Innovation Management (STIM) Consortium on the theme of 'visualising portfolios'. STIM is a practice-oriented research and networking collaboration between industrial member companies and the University of Cambridge's Centre for Technology Management.

Members of the consortium benefit from:

  • Access to a network of firms from a range of industry sectors to share experience through a regular series of meetings and engagement in individual research projects.

  • The opportunity to influence the direction of research and development, with the associated early benefits gained through participation in case studies and application pilots.

  • Transfer and application of methods developed, enabled by guidance notes and training packages.

Download the 2018 STIM Consortium flyer (PDF).

STIM members include: