The aim of the 'opportunity exploration map' template is to provide a process-driven visual canvas upon which to explore potential opportunities through articulating the elements of: a vision, potential applications, current state, deliverables/demonstrators, market and resource factors, scoring criteria, enablers/barriers, decision points, summary narrative. The design embodies a structured format for better capturing the key metadata and to also enable self-facilitated group work. This configuration was tailored for application in the ‘lite’ roadmap-portfolio toolkit.

Download template (PPT).

This template may be used freely without alteration for non-commercial purposes (i.e. not for paid consulting). Internal application by firms within their own organisation is not considered to be commercial in nature (i.e. not associated with paid consulting); if in doubt, or to discuss commercial applications or licensing, please contact Dr Clive Kerr (

For use in workshops, print the individual template as an A1-sized chart (i.e. 594 × 841 mm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches).


Watch the animated slideshow for a walk-through of the template.

Step 1: Select an opportunity

Step 2: Vision and value

Step 3: Current position

Step 4: Deliverables/demonstrators

Step 5: Market and resource considerations

Step 6: Multi-factor scoring

Step 7: Key learning points

Step 8: Summary narrative