Investing in the right technologies over the lifecycle of products and services places great demands on management and decision processes. The Centre for Technology Management (CTM) at the University of Cambridge has a proven track record for providing organisations with practices and insights into technology planning and innovation, understanding technology trends and breakthroughs, sourcing technologies and assessing their value to the business.

Our executive education training courses aim to provide participants with a working knowledge of key technology and innovation management concepts, methods and tools, which they can then directly deploy in their respective parts of the organisation. The courses are engaging and interactive - blending presentations, group activities and discussion - so providing an opportunity to explore the application of the ideas in the given organisational context. Practical relevance is emphasised throughout with a strong focus on management processes and tools, underpinned by well-founded conceptual frameworks.

The training is suitable for participants from a range of functions and levels: technologists, engineers, researchers, designers, product managers, strategic planners, marketing, etc., and benefits from multi-functional/organisational participation.

Course structure is modular so providing the flexibility for 2-, 3- and 4-day training options. Recommended programmes are shown below - these depict the core modules that form the course backbone and inserted modules which extend the coverage of topics (based on company requirements and participant interests). The inclusion and arrangement of modules constituting specific training offerings is flexible and configuration guidance can be given during course design.


A key ingredient in CTM's ethos is the hands-on nature of the training which provides the opportunity to explore and trial the methods/tools on company-relevant themes/topics in a safe learning environment and under the facilitation of experienced course tutors. As such, the practical activities can be tailored to focus on areas relevant to the individual company. This provides participants with a direct understanding of applicability and utility.

There is the option to include a 'Consultation Day'. Given that the course tutors have wide ranging experience on applying the concepts across numerous businesses, this provides organisations with the opportunity to seek guidance and recommendations on adopting and implementing the material to their own unique situation and circumstance. Additional consulting support and knowledge transfer is available.

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