Workshops, working team meetings and small group activities are important social mechanisms for stakeholders to collaboratively explore, create and shape opportunities. When deploying a management tool in such environments, structured templates can guide users through the process of applying the tool. More critically, well-designed templates play a critical facilitation role as they enable participants to actively engage with one another so generating more meaningful and useful discussions and leads to the production of co-created outputs.

Templates may be used freely without alteration for non-commercial purposes (i.e. not for paid consulting). Internal application by firms within their own organisation is not considered to be commercial in nature (i.e. not associated with paid consulting); if in doubt, or to discuss commercial applications or licensing, please contact Dr Clive Kerr (

For use in workshops, print the individual template as an A1-sized chart (i.e. 594 × 841 mm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches).


Opportunity exploration map (Details and download)


Scoping your roadmapping initiative (Download template)


Topic roadmap (


Opportunity vs feasibility selection matrix (Download template)


Roadmapping your roadmapping (


Options-based topic roadmap (


Developing management toolkits (Download template)


Technology intelligence 'information needs' (Download template)


Situational dynamics (Download template)


Prototyping a minimum viable toolkit (Download template)


Technology intelligence 'domain scoping' (Download template)